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Future Volunteers ~ Please Submit Your Interest Here!

    Welcome and thank you for your interest in being a Montana SHRM volunteer.  As such we invite you to submit your interest in being a Montana SHRM State Council volunteer. If you know what area you are most interested in volunteering, then please let us know. Otherwise if you are interested in volunteering but unsure of what role or at what level then please let us know that as well.  Whatever you choose we will work with you to find where you are the most comfortable at as we all have different strengths we can build upon.  Thanks again for your interest and we look forward to contacting you soon!

    Requirements to serve as a board member on the Montana State SHRM Council: Must have served as a volunteer for a local SHRM Chapter for at least 1 year (or have served as a volunteer on a MT SHRM committee); must be a SHRM National Member; must attend at least 75% of meetings; and must be willing and able to volunteer time for the fulfillment of the essential functions of the role on the board.  


    The Montana SHRM State Council will reimburse up to $300 a year for board member travel if your employer does not cover the expense.
    Have you volunteered with SHRM or other organizations previously? If so please tell us about it (ie. what role and why).
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