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    Montana SHRM Student Competition

    Date: October 19, 2018
    Robyn Chupka at
    Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, MT
    Sponsorships are available - see sponsorship opportunities below
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    Interested in hiring HR talent for your organization?

    Connect with Montana’s Human Resources Students!


    Today’s HR students are learning and applying information much faster than ever before. The future of the HR profession is dependent upon helping students grow into the right kind of HR professionals. This event provides a great opportunity for HR students and professionals to connect.

    WHAT: Montana SHRM Student Competition

    Students will participate in a fast-paced HR-themed competition providing them the opportunity to showcase their knowledge from the latest in HR competencies. Students will begin to develop the means they need to build a network and connect with future resources and information. All of this can help them get a job and connect you with a potential HR hire!

    We invite your participation to expand your network and build connections with the students as potential talent for your organization. These HR students have tremendous energy and excitement about the future and it will be a great opportunity to meet them one-on-one. To put this event on, we ask you to join us as a business community partner to defray expenses associated with this competition.

    HOW: Sign up with our on-line registration to support Montana SHRM HR Student Competition

    Sponsorship Opportunties

    Thank you for supporting the development and future of the HR profession!